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What is Moxibustion?

Moxibustion, known as Moxa, is the Traditional Chinese Medicine Practice of burning herbs used to treat common ailments and specific illnesses. It is placed near the surface of the body at precise acupuncture points.

Moxa, most commonly made of dried mugwort, helps to promote an individual’s ability to self-heal by increasing their blood circulation and qi (energy) movement. Moxibustion directly translates into “the burning of mugwort,” and is most commonly used in conjunction with Acupuncture or Cupping.

What does Moxibustion treat?

Moxibustion helps to continuously promote and maintain general health and wellness. However, by using acupuncture points in correlation with the burning of moxa, Moxibustion helps to treat any cold or stagnant illness. Moxibustion is known to:

  • Help treat menstrual cramps
  • Aid in moving babies in utero
  • Relieve pain from injury or arthritis
  • Protect against common colds and various flu strains
  • Alleviate digestive problems
  • Promote overall health

By increasing energy flow and blood circulation, Moxibustion therapy encourages self-healing of the body, resulting in a balance of body, mind and spirit. If you have any questions in regards to Moxibustion, contact Dr. Bita!


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